J.D. Roth

Executive Producer/Co-Founder 3 Ball Entertainment

"We used HANS to direct a VERY complex live big budget show, and he CRUSHED it! I always felt like he was in control, as I watched him in extremely difficult situations direct his way out of trouble and into a perfect shot. I can say with confidence, I will use Hans again and again because his work ethic was impeccable and his dedication top notch!”

John Montgomery

CEO/Chief Creative Officer at Threshold Interactive

"We brought in Hans to work on a very complex branded entertainment project with a very restrictive timeline and budget. His ability to be nimble and provide a vision and plan that would work within the constraints was incredibly impressive. He directed a flawless production and the project turned out to be a great success. I truly look forward to our next project together.”

Peter Herschko

Executive Producer

"I’ve had the good fortune of working with Hans on both competition reality and studio game show. Both projects were in their first season and Hans was a great asset in helping mold the look of each show. He’s always been a true collaborative director and quite honestly a guy I don’t mind having a beer with after he calls 'wrap'.”

David A. Hurwitz

Executive Producer

"Hans and I first worked together on an insane physical competition series with lots of moving parts. It was refreshing and comforting to see how well prepared he is. More importantly was how adept he was at adjusting on the fly on tape day in the best interest of the show. I also appreciated his ability to see the whole show and provide the editors with a lot to work, ultimately resulting in a better show.”

Jonathan Goodson

CEO at Jonathan Goodson Productions

"I had the pleasure of being an Executive Producer of a game show pilot that Hans directed. He was, from beginning to end, professional, prepared, and a true creative collaborator. (He's also a nice guy and easy to work with.)

He delivered a wonderful looking product under an extremely limited rehearsal and production schedule. I wholeheartedly recommend Hans, and know he'll be a tremendous asset to any TV production.”

Brian Lando

Head and Co-Founder Relativity Lifestyle Television

"Hans is an excellent director with a keen eye towards editing, which makes his coverage perfect. He's also a great guy who is easy to work with.”

Matt Gaven

Executive Producer

"I have had the great pleasure to work with this creative visionary on several projects, the last of which was an extension of a Proctor and Gamble classic titled The People's Choice Game. Hans brought his masterful eye to an ambitious format, to help establish an innovative visual style that defined the show.

The Flying Dutchman is a tireless worker and natural leader. His command of the studio crew was articulate and efficient. It was an honor to serve with him in the production trenches and I offer my highest recommendation.

Don’t hesitate for a moment... Hans is your man... he's also a phenomenal skier."

Alan Solomon

Game Show & Non-Scripted Formats

“I'm pleased to recommend Hans. He directed our pilot with excellent preparation, efficiency, and a keen creative eye. I look forward to working with Hans again.”

Rick Telles

President at Brass Ring Entertainment

“Hans did an excellent job of managing a large group of individuals, making sure all were on the same page, that their jobs got done efficiently and effectively. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!”

John Gilles

Owner, ReUnion Design Services, Inc.

“Hans is one of the "good guys." He is perceptive and prepared. Just the sort of things a Director should be! He is pleasant and collaborative in pre production, and efficient and helpful on stage. I look forward to having an opportunity to work with him in the future.”