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Black Card Revoked

Game Show Series

Recently, I directed Black Card Revoked, hosted by Tony Rock. Based on the popular party game, this 12 episode comedy game show series offers a lighthearted test of knowledge of pop culture from an African American perspective. Black Card Revoked is produced by Alternative Productions for BET, with David Hurwitz serving as executive producer. Premiere was January 10, 2018.


Tony Rock
Host Tony Rock

Robert Lee Ahn TV Spot

Special Elections

My friend Peter Herschko called me if I was willing to direct and edit this low budget TV spot for democratic politician Robert Lee Ahn. Complication: the spot was intended for Korean television, and the turn-around was 24 hours. No problem; we shot the spot in 4 hours and cut it in 12. The result: Robert Lee Ahn will advance to a runoff for the 34th Congressional District against fellow democrat Jimmy Gomez.


All international hosts on Beastmaster.
Robert Lee Ahn TV spot still

Ultimate Beastmaster

Season 1

After many months working on the German version of this show, today all episodes have gone live on Netflix. With 108 contestants from 6 countries and 12 hosts, this logistically challenging 10 episode series was shot over the course of a week in June 2016. It was a pleasure to work with the German hosts comedian Luke Mockridge and pro-soccer player Hans Sarpei, although I had to brush up my German language skills for the occasion.


All international hosts on Beastmaster.
International hosts on Beastmaster

YouTube Holiday Show 2016

Music Special

To celebrate the holiday season, we taped a mix of 16 traditional and original songs. Working with YouTube stars like Karmin, Sam Tsui, Peter Hollens and Savannah Outen, Danny Gokey, Dylan Gardner and Zeke Duhon, Kirsten Collins as well as veterans like LeAnn Rimes and Rita Wilson, was a treat and a great way to start the season of giving.


LeAnn Rimes performing Auld Lang Syne
LeAnn Rimes performing Auld Lang Syne

Tap That Awesome App

Tweens game show

Three YouTube stars play for their favorite charity. Hosted by Hunter March.
Twelve episodes produced by Dreamworks Kids for AwesomenessTV.


Rap Report logo
Hunter March & Rebecca Black

Rap Report

Current affairs set to verse

For a long time MTV hasn't been about music, and I for one always thought that to be a sorry state of affairs. Thankfully, a new initiative is underway to bring the M back into MTV and this pilot has a good chance to lead the way in that effort.
A talented cast, led by the remarkable MK Asante, great writers presided by Def Jef and it all put together by hip-hop expert Claude Brooks produced a solid pilot. An excellent crew helped me put 30 years of music experience to good use and make a four camera shoot look like we had ten.


Rap Report logo
Rap Report set

Emoji Whiz

Kids Game Show Pilot

No, StarSearch is not coming back... at least not that I know of. But a new game show pilot for Nickelodeon brought me to the 'Nick on Sunset' stage, a former theater with a rich and diverse history. The last time I visited that building was in the mid eighties, together with two Dutch colleagues, because we bought the format rights to StarSearch for the Netherlands (where I executive produced and later directed it). StarSearch was taped in what was in those days called the Aquarius theater (the musical Hair premiered here). Not much is left of this fabulous landmark besides the beautiful lobby that takes you back to the days that Moulin Rouge occupied the building. Long story short; it was fun to be back here.


StarSearch logo
Original StarSearch logo

Mega Park

Kids Game Show Pilot

Not your grandma's playground, the producers on Mega Park convert your local kiddie hangout to a challenging obstacle course of enormous proportions.


Host Jason Zone Fisher
Jason Zone Fisher awaits his cue

So Me

Trial Run

Daily strip, half hour magazine about Social Media for FOX syndication.


Host Sam Schacher leads the conversation in SoMe.
Host Sam Schacher leads the conversation in SoMe

What Parents Don't Know

Season 2

I just finished taping 26 episodes for season two of What Parents Don't Know for AwesomenessTV. The episodes will become available on the free go90 app, and in some markets on television. Download the app here.


Peter Herschko and Hans van Riet in DreamWorksTV Studio
Peter Herschko and me in the AwesomenessTV studio