Samples of past work

2018-2019 All New Double Dare Teams compete to win prizes by answering trivia questions, completing stunts and facing an obstacle course. I was honored to being chosen as director to bring back this iconic game show with Liza Koshy and Mark Summers as hosts.
Season one: 40 episodes and season two: 20 episodes produced by Fremantle for Nickelodeon.

2018 Black Card Revoked An American game show hosted by Tony Rock that quizzes contestants about their knowledge of black culture to determine if their Black Card should be kept or revoked.
12 episodes produced by Bill's Market & Television Productions for BET.

2016 SoMe Every summer 20th Television launches a few test programs.
This was our attempt to discuss social media news.
20 episodes produced by Popsugar/Trifecta Entertainment for 20th Television.

2016 YouTube Holiday Music is a collection of original and evergreen holiday songs performed by a variety of artists. This rendition by LeAnn Rimes came to life after close collaboration with the artist.
12 performances produced for YouTube.

2014 Opposite Worlds was by far the most challenging reality game show I worked on. Shot in the St Bernard Parish near New Orleans, we experienced the fiercest winter in 5 decades, forcing us sometimes to go live on the air without a proper rhearsal.
12 episodes produced by Eyeworks for SyFy.

2014 Bam's Bad Ass Game Show Competitors vie for $10,000 by facing off against each other in incredibly demented, potentially dangerous and occasionally painful challenges.
6 episodes produced by Bill's Market & Television Productions for TBS.

2010 Minute To Win It Bumpers and Interstitionals.
6 episodes produced by NBC Studios for NBC.

2008 Alter Eco was an eco lifestyle and makeover series presented by Adrian Grenier and his team of green activists, experts, friends, and musical guests.
11 episodes produced by GBR Entertainment for Discovery.

2008 Cha$e U.S. reality game show in which contestants compete for money while they race against the clock and evade the relentless "hunters."
6 episodes produced by Buena Vista Television for SyFy.

2008 Paris Hilton's My New BFF Casting Special Definitely the longest title of any competition reality show that I ever worked on.
Special produced by Ish Entertainment for MTV.

2006 Instant Beauty Pageant Reality Competition.
6 episodes produced by Earth Angel Productions for Style Network.

2006 The Last Bride Standing Reality Competition.
Special produced by E! Entertainment for E! Network.

2005 Fight For Fame An E! Reality show Survivor-style about five actors vying for representation with a major Hollywood talent agency.
10 episodes produced by E! Entertainment for E! Network.

2001 The Amazing Race Multiple teams race around the globe for $1,000,000 to 'amazing' locations.
13 episodes by World Race Productions for CBS.

2001 Una Voce Naturale Watch an amazing live performance by celebrity guest Inessa Galante in this season finale episode, a fundraiser for 'Stichting Natuurmonumenten' (Foundation for Natural Monuments).
Special produced by TROS for TROS Television.

1999 Eli Goldratt Lextures While the vast majority of my work is in broadcast television, I also endeavored in commercials (Nestlé), B2B (Audi / Volkswagen Group) and corporate. This clip fits in the latter category. These Eli Goldratt lectures, based on his succesful book Theory of Constraints were broadcast live to a worldwide PPV audience.
12 episodes produced by Eli Goldratt.

1998 Kids for Animals Made on a shoestring budget, this strip kids game show mixes physical challenges and quizzes. The school teams were big and everyone got a turn to participate as the children played for Humane Society type charities (hence the title).
20 episodes produced by TROS for TROS Television

1998 Sesjun (a bastardization of Session) was a jazz series, broadcast live on late night network television from the Netherlands’ famous Nick Vollebregt Jazz Café.

1998 André Hazes was the most well loved Dutch folk singer. I had the privilege to direct what would turn out to be one of his last television concerts.
Special produced by TROS for TROS Television.

1998 Una Voce Particolare, a television series best described as StarSearch meets Opera. With a Symphonic Orchestra playing live on stage, this is just a small selection of the great arias performed by our contestants.

1997 BZN A Symphonic Night Lead singer Jan Keijzer of the popular Dutch band BZN (Band Without a Name) always had the desire to release a 'fish-out-of-water' album with classical songs. He asked me to direct this concert for television.
Special produced by TROS for Television Radio Omroep Stichting (TROS).

1997 Rob de Nijs Before MTV finally killed off music on television, I directed music on an almost daily basis, mostly multi-camera concerts, but on request also single camera shoots. Not big music video budgets, but I think we made it work.
Special produced by TROS for TROS Television.

1996 BankGiroLoterijRace was multi camera reality race where contestants had to win challenges in diverse geographical locations. See a pre-cursor to The Amazing Race here? You bet!

1995 Hallo Met Bert Long before the internet found its way into most everyone's home, I directed what could easily be the first live interactive network game show. Based on the European TeleText system, players at home would answer questions. If they had a perfect score, a phone number was revealed to them. The first one to phone in could win a grand prize by answering just one more question.
10 episodes produced by TROS for TROS Television.

1994 Nur die Liebe Zählt By far the most succesfulo show that I directed was All You Need Is Love (1992). The format became an international breakthrough for John de Mol and besides a pilot for the Portuguese television, I also directed a season in Germany of which you can see an example here.
16 episodes produced by John de Mol Producties for RTL.

1994 Bevrijdingsdag Concert I had the honor to direct this Liberation Day concert in Amsterdam live for the Dutch Queen Beatrix and her cabinet of ministers. An edited version of this Royal Command Performance won an International Emmy Award in 1997.
Special produced by Ivo Niehe Productions for NOS.

1994 European Lottery Laura Pausini's performance during this live broadcast for Eurovision was watched by over 100 million viewers in Europe.
Special produced by Ivo Niehe Productions for AVRO/Eurovision.

1993 Gypsi Kings This concert was just one of many live broadcasts that I directed for the Veronica network which began its life as a pirate radio station.
The network aired many of its free concerts live on radio and television.
Special produced by Veronica for Veronica Television.

1993 Candy Dulfer It was always a pleasure to work with the incredibly talented Candy Dulfer.
Special produced by Veronica for Veronica Television.

1992 Danny Kaye's International Children's Award for Unicef An International co-production between Smith-Hemion and the Dutch network Veronica of which I had the honor to direct the semi-finals.
Special produced by Smith-Hemion for Veronica Television.

1991 BZN It Happened 25 Years Ago This 25th Anniversary Concert of the band BZN is probably one of the very first concerts that I directed. The immense success of the televised concert started a long and fruitful collaboration with the band culminating in the 1997 concert BZN: A Symphonic Night.
Special produced by Veronica for Veronica Television.

1990 Eduard Flipse Competition In my previous live I was sound engineer and trained in classical music. When the local station Stad TV Rotterdam got the rights to televise this prestigious piano competition, I was their go-to person to break in their new production truck.
Special produced by STAD TV Rotterdam.